Clann want you to you feel safe in your home and community and therefore are committed to working with communities to tackle anti-social behaviour. Clann will work with you to achieve our vision that “everyone has a great place to live”.

Clann are aware of the detrimental impact anti-social behaviour can have on the quality of life for residents and communities. To support our residents and their communities, Clann have developed a robust anti-social behaviour policy. Clann’s Anti-Social Behaviour Policy is based on over 25 years of experience and Clann’s current abilities under Irish legislation.

Anti-social behaviour comes in two forms:

Persistent Anti-Social Behaviour
Serious Anti-Social Behaviour.

As a Landlord, Clann is governed by the Residential Tenancies Board and restricted under the Residential Tenancies Act 2004. Therefore, we need you, your community and collaboration with relevant state agencies to successfully tackle anti-social behaviour.

Clann is committed to supporting residents to remain in their homes, where possible. Therefore Clann will balance the rights of the individual with the impact of anti-social behaviour on you, neighbours and the wider community. If appropriate, Clann will consider multiple solutions that prevent residents from becoming homeless. Clann’s Tenancy Sustainment team are dedicated to supporting residents who may be experiencing difficulties in their life. Click here to find out more about our Resident Support Services.

Report Anti-Social Behaviour

Please report incidents of anti-social behaviour to Clann by:


Phone: 01 707 2244

Address: 159-161 Sheriff Street Upper Dublin D01 R8N0

Please take note of dates, times, and detail of the incident. This will help your Scheme Manager with their investigations.

Download the ASB Log Sheet

If you have reported the incident to Gardaí, please request a PULSE number and the name of the Garda you dealt with.

Anti-Social Behaviour FAQs

We have developed a number of frequently asked questions to assist residents understand anti-social behaviour in more detail. You will find information on defining ASB, examples of ASB and the responsibilities of Clann staff and residents.

  • What is Anti-Social Behaviour?
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  • What is not considered to be Anti-Social Behaviour?
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  • Examples of Serious ASB, Persistent ASB & Breach of Tenancy, and what to do.
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  • How do Clann investigate Anti-Social Behaviour?
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  • The Importance of Evidence
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  • What Clann can do to tackle / prevent Anti-Social Behaviour?
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  • What Clann cannot do to tackle Anti-social Behaviour?
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  • What happens if Clann serves a Notice of Termination?
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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
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  • Relevant Services that may be required to support your Anti-Social Behaviour Concerns
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