Step One

The first step towards becoming a Clann resident is to speak with your local authority. You can find a list and the contact details for your local authority here



Your local authority will tell you if you should apply for a Clann home and will provide you with an application form. To apply for a Clann home you must tick the box marked ‘Rented Local Authority Accommodation’ and ‘Voluntary/Co-operative Housing’ on your application form. Clann is a Voluntary/Co-operative Housing body

The form will also ask you to select the areas in which you want to live. It is important to consider all relevant issues when making this decision such as transport, access to services, where your family and friends live etc.


Your Area

In assessing your application, your local authority will consider your household income, your present accommodation and other special circumstances including your age, if you have a disability and your medical circumstances. In general, you must have connections to or already be living in the area you are applying for

Please remember that there is a shortage of social housing in most areas and you may have to wait several years for a home to become available.


The Waiting List

Your local authority will decide if you are eligible to live in a Clann home. If you are successful, your name will be placed on the local authority housing waiting list. Your position on the list may go up or down depending on the circumstances of other people on the waiting list and as your own circumstances change.


Clann Vacancies

When a vacancy arises in Clann we let the relevant local authority know immediately. The local authority will then nominate a resident to us from their housing waiting list.

Vacancies arise in our properties when we buy or build new properties or when a resident moves out of an existing home. Our residents tend to remain in their home for life so the latter is a rare occurrence. However, Clann is committed to delivering new age-friendly housing in towns and cities across Ireland.



When your local authority nominates you for a Clann home we will contact you and invite you to an interview. We then go back to the local authority to decide together which applicants will receive an offer of housing. If you need more information on this process you can contact our Customer Contact Centre on 01 707 2244 or email clann@clannhousing.ie

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