Clann have a robust anti-social behaviour policy. In addition, in 2022, Clann have developed a 3-year anti-social behaviour strategy which aims to improve, how we deal with and prevent anti-social behaviour. This is an ongoing project and Clann are reviewing various tools and partaking in projects to assist with preventing and challenging anti-social behaviour in the future.

Preventing ASB
  • Where possible, prior to construction, Clann’s Housing Services Team will review plans of new schemes and, with prevention of anti-social behaviour in mind and if required, may request amendments to layouts. Amendments may include additional lighting in specific dimly lit areas of a scheme or the installation of CCTV etc.
  • Through the Local County Council, estate checks are carried out on all residents over the age of 18.
Challenging ASB
  • Clann liaise regularly with Gardaí, youth justice programmes, Community Groups, Local Authorities, Garda National Diversity & Integration Unit and various services such as disability support groups, addiction services, child and family support services etc.
  • Clann may employ security services in certain circumstances.
  • Where Clann staff witness an anti-social incident, they may be asked to prepare witness statements.
  • Clann may offer mediation or alternative dispute resolution services to parties involved.
  • In line with Clann’s anti-social behaviour policy, Clann may serve warning letters to tenants who are involved in anti-social behaviour. This may have a negative impact on their tenancy.
  • If the anti-social behaviour continues, depending on the circumstances, Clann may raise a case with the Residential Tenancies Board to seek a Determination Order.
  • If a Determination Order is breached, Clann may serve a Notice of Termination.
  • In the case of a serious anti-social incident, depending on the circumstances, Clann may proceed straight to serving a Notice of Termination. This will only be in cases where sufficient evidence is collected, and Garda reports / Court cases finalised.
  • For victims, Clann may signpost to relevant support services. In exceptional circumstances, Clann may seek to or offer a transfer to victims.
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