• Money and Financial Support

    Services that assist with budgeting and saving to maximise your...

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  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

    Services to support you or your family’s mental health and...

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  • Social Welfare Support

    For assistance with social welfare claims, appeals and information.

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  • Parenting Support

    For assistance with parental and family matters.

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  • Older Person Service

    Services that support older people in the community.

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  • Practical Assistance

    Services that provide support with practical matters.

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  • Employment Support

    Assistance, information and training related to employment.

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  • Disability Support

    Support services for people living with a disability.

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  • Traveller Support

    Services for members of the traveller community.

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  • Domestic Abuse Services

    Support for people that have been affected by domestic abuse.

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  • Victim of Crime Support

    Assistance for people who have been a victim of crime.

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Local Government Support Services

Residents can now access information about local government services, including housing services, at a new one stop shop local government information website. The site was developed by the Local Government Management Agency with support from the Department of Housing. Local Government and Heritage and the County and City Management Association (CCMA). To view a comprehensive list of the services provided to the public as well as a pathway to access those services locally visit https://services.localgov.ie/en-ie/Home/intro

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