You Said, We Did

I am unhappy with Clúid’s response to my concerns
Housing Services have organised assertive communication training for all staff. This will give staff the tools to manage residents’ expectations.

The Tenancy Agreement should be in more languages
The Quality in Our Diversity Team have engaged with a company to translate the Tenancy Agreement into six languages – Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Somali, Romanian and Arabic.

To listen to residents in difficult circumstances and take time to work to resolve tenancy issues
We have a Tenancy Officer working with some of the most complex and difficult cases of rent arrears and antisocial behaviour as part of a pilot to provide an improved service in this area.

We would like an easily available central information source detailing the supports available for residents
Tenancy Sustainment worked with the Communication team to design and build a micro-site on that allows residents to see partner organisations that can provide guidance and support in a range of areas, including financial, wellbeing, social services, mental health etc.

We would like a detailed information resource showing the supports available to tackle Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)
Housing Services reviewed and updated the ASB processes. They then worked with the Communication team to develop a central point of information on, offering guidance and support on how to deal with incidents of ASB.

There is a lack of consistency across the Housing Officers in terms of experience by residents
We’re looking to better communicate our ‘service offering’ to all staff to ensure there is a more consistent approach.

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