Reporting a repair

Clann is Clúid’s age-friendly offering, and so repairs for all Clann schemes run through Clúid’s centralised repairs services. If something in your home needs to be repaired, the first thing to do is check and see if it is your responsibility or Clúid’s. Pages 48-54 of our Resident Handbook provide a comprehensive breakdown of what kind of repairs are the resident’s responsibility and what repairs are Clúid’s responsibility. You can find the Resident’s Handbook here.

If you believe that Clúid is responsible for the repair, you will need to do the following:
– Ring Clúid and dial 1 for the repairs help desk.
– Provide exact details of the problem.

We will:
– Confirm whether the repair is your responsibility or not.
– Where possible, we will tell you whether the repair will be carried out by Clúid or a third-party contractor.
– Where it is a Clúid operative, we will agree an appointment date and time over the phone when you call.

The timeframe for repairs depends on the urgency of the problem. Repairs will be completed depending on a time that suits both you and Clúid. If you have a disability, it may be possible to respond to repairs in a shorter timeframe. Please make sure to provide details of your disability when reporting the repair.

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