‘Tapestries of Life’ created by residents of St. Josephs Court, Clifden.

As you arrive in St. Joseph’s Court in Clifden, you are greeted by a seven-foot wall hanging made up of 43 individual squares each designed by residents themselves.

The artwork was made following meetings with each resident to ensure their journey and values were represented in each one-foot square. The artwork combines patchwork, embroidery, applique, quilting and fabric painting. Each square offers a unique look at the diversity and experiences of everyone who lives in St. Joseph’s Court.

Literature, sport, history, culture, music, art, drama, travel, family, religion, and community are themes that feature throughout the wonderful art. There are 43 patches for the 43 homes in St. Joseph’s Court.

Maureen Batley, scheme manager for St. Joseph’s Court spoke about some of the pieces, “Michael’s square depicts a simple country cottage surrounded by fuchsia and cows, horses, sheep and poultry wandering happily about. Philomena designed and knitted a square showing her beloved Inishbofin with wild birds, mountains and boats. Paddy’s square features Table Mountain and a rich blue sea. He spent most of his working life in Cape Town and has included a harp and shamrock for the Irish connection. Tartan features heavily in Harry’s square, he hailed from Scotland, and Tom’s is decorated with flamboyant neck ties”.

This project pulled the community of St. Joseph’s Court closer than ever. Friendships between residents developed as a result of the work and coffee mornings gave all the residents a chance to gather and chat or share stories. The project has secured friends for life and there are now regular outings and events amongst the community.

The project also helped to include members of the wide community in Clifden. From their involvement in the process, people in the wider community have assisted in creating a great community spirit by getting everyone involved together to create the artwork.

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