Setting up a standing order is a convenient and secure way to pay your rent and reduce the risk of missed payments. It requires a little bit of effort to get set up but, once you have it done, you don’t need to spend time each week arranging your payment. Standing Orders can easily be amended or cancelled any time you wish.

To set up a Standing Order, you will need our bank details. To obtain our bank details, simply get in touch with our Contact Centre by phone 01 707 2244 option 2, or the Get in Touch form:

If you have online or mobile banking, you will be able to set up your Standing Order through your app or your online profile. Instructions for doing so will depend on your bank but most banks provide easy to follow guidelines for setting up a Standing Order online.

If you do not have online banking, you can also set up a Standing Order in your local branch. Ensure to bring with you a form of I.D. and our bank details, and the customer advisor in the branch will be able to assist you in getting a Standing Order for your rent set up.

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