The Northside Community Forum is a network of Local Community Groups that work in Dublin North-East. We collectively develop actions, campaigns and work on issues affecting the community and community-based organisations.

Following the protests that we have seen over the last weeks in Artane and Coolock, members of this forum listed below, want to express our solidarity with the communities in Dublin North – East as we condemn the hatred expressed towards people seeking refuge and seeking asylum. Men, women and children, be they residents or newcomers should not fear for their safety on our streets, or in the places where they stay, their home from home.

We understand that only a small minority of people from our area are taking part, and the abuse is also being stirred up by agitators from outside.

We also understand that many of the issues that people are concerned about rightly relate to the many problems that impact people in our community such as poverty, inequality, homelessness and poor housing, the cost-of-living increases, the impact of drugs and the enduring grief brought about by the Stardust tragedy.

There are many things that need to be fixed in our society and it can seem like change is not possible at times. However, we do not believe that these problems should be used by some groups to stir up fear and hate.

At the turn of the last century, over half of the people who had been born in Ireland were living abroad. We as a country are very aware of the pain, loss, and opportunity that emigration can bring and as a community we can build on this wisdom as we welcome people from the Ukraine, people seeking asylum and seeking refuge.

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