Clann Resident Advisory Group (CRAG) Overview

The National Residents Advisory Group (NRAG) was established in February 2020 and comprises of residents from all over Ireland with the primary aim of increasing the voice of residents living in Clúid Housing to improve Clúid’s services and enhance resident consultation opportunities.

Following the success of NRAG, the Clann Resident Advisory Group (CRAG) was formed in October 2020. Again, representatives were recruited from across the country to ensure equality of spokespersons on a national basis. The purpose of CRAG is to act as one of the key elements of the hearing the resident’s voice; providing advice based on their own lived expertise when being consulted on such things as policy development, procedural changes that affect the lives of residents and new innovations.

The principal objective of both advisory groups is to facilitate residents to play an authentic and active consultative role in improving the service delivered to them. Over the past number of years, this was achieved by:

  • Co-creation of NRAG and CRAG annual work plans to provide purpose to the groups.
  • Consulting with the advisory groups on the effectiveness of existing and proposed services to residents.
  • Conferring with advisory groups on the most effective ways of consulting and involving residents on a range of specific concerns.
  • Development of training and support for residents on the advisory groups.
  • The advisory groups are reviewed annually by members of the groups and the Senior Leadership team, to identify improvements and reaffirm purpose, outcomes, meeting operations and membership.


  • Cocreation of the Resident Engagement Strategy
  • Four Seasons photo judging
  • ‘We’re All Clúid’ Workshop
  • NRAG were involved in and spoke at the launch of the Corporate Strategy in 2023
  • Members of the Resident Engagement Steering Group
  • Active engagement in sub-groups i.e. sustainability, ASB, policy voices etc.
  • Sustainability Matters project
  • Residents Welcome/Induction Pack
  • Quarterly Residents Review Form
  • Attended the Tenant and Resident Engagement Conference (Inside Housing) in London and the All Ireland Housing Conference
  • NRAG attended the Supporting Communities Tenant Engagement Conference
  • UCD Social Justice and the City Essay Competition Judges
  • Business Development Committee visit to Belmayne
  • Reviewed the ASB and Complaints policy and procedures
  • Consultation on the Pet Policy
  • Completed training with staff and the Community Action Network (CAN)
  • Involvement and consultation in the new Pre-tenancy video

Future Work Plans
While continuing to be one of the routes to resident representation as detailed above, the advisory groups will also be working on their new work plans in the coming months. While we work cooperatively to develop these plans, we have identified key areas of work for the advisory groups to focus on

  • Digital and Technological Engagement – bridging the digital divide
  • Consultation on the development of a Resident Portal
  • National Social Engagement – Increase the connection between residents nationally
  • Involvement in selection of tenders
  • Peer to Peer Work
  • Community Development
  • Quality in our Diversity Events Group
  • Advisory Group Recruitment

We are actively seeking residents to join our advisory groups. We believe that residents are experts through your lived experiences, and our groups provide an opportunity for us to learn from you, provide the chance to meet new people, share what you are passionate about and impact nationally on how we operate. Our Advisory Groups work in partnership with us to improve services for all residents by:

  • being a link between residents and Clann
  • being informed on a national basis
  • communicating resident information and feedback to Clann
  • expressing shared ideas
  • empowering residents to get involved in their community
  • advocating for and with Clann for quality social housing
  • using the power of your voice as residents .

If you do not have the time to be involved, you may consider participating in:

  • One-off workshops or focus groups on a subject you are interested in (ASB; Inclusion & Diversity; Sustainability; Community Development)
  • Reviewing or help us Create or Co-Design a policy
  • Completing a survey
  • Joining our Special Advisory Groups  e.g. new voices to represent our young people (under 24)
  • Developing Clann’s new Target Operating Model – We want residents to be at the heart of decisions
  • Creating a Residents’ Charter outlining what all residents can expect when they are housed by Clann
  • Our resident Policy Voices group – looking at wider housing policy with our Policy Team and identify new areas of research for Clann to investigate.

If any of the above piques your interest, please contact to let us know and/or to find out more.

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